About GSD Lab

About GSD Lab

Learn to Love Monday

After working with financial advisers and their businesses over many years, we felt very frustrated for our clients. With so many competing priorities, advice businesses often come to a standstill on implementing change and getting ‘on the business’ project work finished, as ‘in the business’ work for clients is always their first priority.

We created GSD Lab having realised that advice businesses find it difficult to grow without change. Whether it’s moving to a new licensee, finding a new software provider, changing the way they engage with their clients and improving processes, implementing a new pricing model, to getting stuck on how to get the best from the team…

Change is a commitment; a complex one at that. How do you create and implement change in your business, when your team already feels at capacity? How do you focus on the right things and ways to change when everyone is already busy?

It’s not unusual for firms to find that the things they need to do to take their business to the next level are project-based, they demand several weeks or months of intense work and require skills, knowledge or spare time that are not present in their current team. That’s why we created GSD Lab. To enable you to engage great people with the right skill sets for as little or as long as you need us!

Ideas and plans are awesome but won't get you places without implementation.

Lana, Founder GSD Lab

Over 30 Years of Experience

Our team have over 30 years of experience in advising, coaching and implementing strategy and managing change in financial advice. We are doers and we love change, so we offer you our support by rolling up our sleeves and helping you get sh*t done.

We take your ‘why’ and ‘what’ (your ideas and strategy) and come up with the ‘how’ documenting a project and change management plan, implementing the project, documents procedures and training your team, all with a smile. 

Along our travels, we’ve also collected incredible alliance partners. The beauty of that is if we don’t know the how, we’ll bring in the experts who do, and manage them to get the results you’re after.

Let us help you learn to love Monday!


The driving force behind GSD Lab.

Lana Clark is an award-winning coach and mentor and has spent the last decade helping clients shape and implement major transformation programs in financial advice businesses.

Areas of Expertise

> Business strategy, tactical design & implementation

> Operations strategy, tactical design & implementation

> Business Planning

> Coaching

> Project Management

> Change Management

An introduction from a financial planning friend led to my business coaching adventures. I’d always loved small business, but once I started coaching, I truly understood why.
After 20 years in large institutions, serious illness forced me to reconsider the future. Having 6 months to recover was the catalyst for change – all of a sudden I needed a completely different life.
Every advice business is entirely unique and equally important and so coaching is not just understanding business and getting better outcomes from and for the business, it’s also understanding the human and how their business fits into their life. It is always my very great privilege to help clients grow, get unstuck and bring to life the possibilities they only thought about. The ability to align values and culture with creativity and business agility means I’m constantly thinking about new and different ways for clients to get better outcomes.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes Lana is training to become a Brain Gym consultant.

Lana spends as much time in the community as she can, volunteering on a NFP board and helping raise awareness of social challenges that some of us face in life. Switching off usually involves exercise and the arts with the most important people in her life and when that’s not enough, music is life – from rock to opera and everything in between – live and loud!

What They Say

Lana’s ability to connect and truly understand the human element is unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of my business.

Susan Bryant, Financial Adviser

It has been indispensable working with Lana throughout the period of enormous regulatory change and the massive business transformation that we have successfully undertaken, would've been very difficult without her support and specialist knowledge.

Trevor Geffin, Core Private Wealth

Lana has made a significant difference to my business. New businesses often have multi-faceted challenges that at times can be overwhelming – Lana has been able to break down complexity into manageable projects for implementation.

Shannan Calabro, PlanAIR Advice


Human Beings, Not Business Beings

Poorly managed change can be unsettling at best and disastrous at worst. We have a fundamental reaction to the idea of change because…well we’re not robots.

At GSD Lab, we’re fascinated by human behaviour, specifically when it comes to change. Change is mostly considered to be negative and because of that, we tend to overthink the consequences. On the flip side, change brings endless possibilities. It’s a brilliant opportunity to realign with your values and get even better at what you do.

It’s very common for an advice business to be at capacity, so where do you find the extra (expert) hands to help you implement all of your brilliant ideas?

Perhaps you already have a coach you work with, and you shudder at the thought that you’re 48 hours from your next coaching meeting and your action items are still incomplete, all the while knowing THAT conversation about accountability is coming… this is where we can help.

We roll up our sleeves and help you implement your ideas, train your team, embed the changes in your business and then we fly out, until you need us again.
The project is managed through to completion, making sure you’re kept in the loop along the way.

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